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As we mentioned in our last article, Cs Enterprise Landscape Inc has the Naperville area for a while. Naperville, which has been voted as the second place to live bt the Money MagazineMoney Magazine, is a great place to perform landscaping projects.

As we said before, there are many benefits of doing landscaping in your home. Besides enhancing property values, it can also reduce cooling costs. The strategic placement of shade trees and evergreen can accomplish this. One tree removes 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air every year and releases about 13 pounds of oxygen-enough for a family of four on a daily basis. Plants control runoff and erosion, reduce noise pollution up to 50 percent, and create green space for human rest & recreation.

Projects like patios, brick paving, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, etc., all add to your enjoyment as a homeowner and to the quality of life of your family. For that reason, we recommend leaving these projects to the professionals. Lack of planning and beginner mistakes can be very costly in the long haul. At Cs Enterprise Landscape, we specialize in hardscaping projects, especially brick paving. We will explain in detail how a project like this is done.

Project – Brick Paving

landscaping naperville brick paving

Brick paving is one of our specialties. To do a successful brick paving project, there are many things you need to take into consideration. A brick paving project can take between a full day or two, and after that, it withstands heavy traffic and takes little to no maintenance. For that reason, it is a good investment for your home. As Home Depot says, “the number of stone patio pavers and the amount of paver base and paver sand needed will depend on the size of the area where you are laying a patio. For 60 square feet, you’ll need about 30 12- x 12-inch paver stones, 40 bags of paver base and 12 bags of paver leveling sand.”

First, we prepare the patio area. For this step, we mark the perimeter of the patio with marking paint. Then, we drive wooden stakes into the ground just outside of the perimeter markings and attach a mason line. To determine the height of your patio, we have to work from the house outward since you will want the pavers to slope away from the house to aid with water drainage. We mark the height on the stakes and adjust the mason line. After locating and marking the outline for the brick paver patio, we set stakes at the four corners. Then, we excavate the area within the stakes to a depth of 8 inches. Then, we spread gravel over the entire area, rake smooth and tamp down to a level surface using a hand or power tamper.

The next step is clearing the grass and soil. We have to level and smooth out the soil where the paver edging will go. Another option is to spread the base material a little past where the edging will be and then flatten it out using a compactor or hand tamping tool. Then, we choose our base material, which can be coarse, crushed stone in most cases, and it remains strong when compacted. Then, we lay the base and spread the paver base material to a depth of 4 inches throughout the work area, using a rake to help spread the paver base layer. After, we compact the area until you have a firm base. Lightly we wet the paver base to make it more solid.

landscaping naperville brick paving

A key step that follows is installing the edge restraints. The edge restraints will help hold the shape of your project over the years. We place these restraints, usually made of plastic, aluminum, or steel, around the perimeter of the project and secure them into the ground with 12″ spikes. Then, we add the sand. The sand is the material that holds your pavers in place. We pour the sand across and between the conduits, then drag the 2 x 4 across the conduit to level the sand layer. We continue the process until the entire patio area is covered with level paver sand.

Following, we do the most important step: installing the pavers. Luckily, laying pavers is easy compared to all the work we’ve just done. Starting at a patio corner, we lay out the paver stones one by one. Pavers are made from natural materials that can cause slight changes to the appearance of the colored pavers. Sometimes, it happens that we have to cut the pavers. Once the pavers are all placed according to pattern, we use a plate compactor to tamp the pavers into the sand. After this, we run the plate compactor over them at least three times to ensure they are snugly pressed into the sand.

Finally, we do some finishing in the patio. This can be done by spreading a light layer of paver sand over the entire area. We use a push broom to sweep the sand into the gaps between the stones and run the plate compactor across the patio surface. At the very end, we seal the pavers, using an appropriate sealing product. We always look for a non-toxic (vegetative safe) paver sealer and clean the pavers beforehand. As we said before, a good landscaping project can increase your home value. So, we execute every project with the utmost detail at CS Enterprise Landscape Inc. For more information check our portfolio.

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We’re confident in our craftsmanship at CS Enterprise Landscape, so we provide a 3 Year Guarantee on all of our hardscaping work to ensure we deliver a beautiful improvement to your property that will last for years to come after the project’s completion. You can check our portfolio here.

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